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Everyone knows that ephedrine of the best fat burner is. No active substance get even remotely on the lipolytic effect of ephedrine. But most will know that ephedrine in many countries subject to the prescription and thus not easily can be purchased in any bodybuilding shop ephedrine. Here once again shows the double standard of the legislature: alcohol and cigarettes may – products are sold freely both, calling for death each year millions of victims, while buying ephedrine was placed under the prescription. It has been proven that ephedrine has the same side effects as caffeine. But young people in the form of Cola and coffee may consume the same gallons.

We want to use however this article not to denounce the illogical policy choices, but rather to show how and where you can buy ephedrine. We want to enter on the legal bases, shed light on the possibility of online orders and take the ephedrine-related countries under the microscope.

Buy ephedrine legal

The word “legal” is always a little unhappy on ephedrine. Ephedrine is basically always legal, because it can be purchased over the counter or on presentation of a prescription. It would be illegal only if a country would generally prohibit the active ingredient, as is the case for example in methamphetamine. Buy ephedrine is thus not illegal, it is only illegal if you bought it despite any prescription without prescription.

The question of whether you can buy ephedrine legal at all, is already answered. Is subject to ephedrine in the respective country of the prescription and to submit an appropriate recipe at the chemist, is perfectly legal to purchase. Buying however prescription ephedrine at the dealer of confidence, what logically happens without a corresponding prescription purchase is of course illegal. This is a risk, because this both the dealer and the purchaser contrary to the medicines Act. The same applies in addition when ordering prescription ephedrine at an online store. The recipe is obligatory for all drugs, the more than 8 mg of ephedrine per Tablet included.Thus, you now know that you now commit a criminal offence if you order ephedrine in the Internet, which contains more than 8 mg of ephedrine per Tablet and is sent without submitting a recipe to you.
It looks different here in the non-prescription ephedrine preparations. In the United States and Canada, for example, the well-known preparation Kaizen ephedrine HCL 8 mg ephedrine HCL is available over the counter per tablet in many drugstores and gas stations. It must not advertised there though as a fat burner, but the active ingredient of fat burns fat even if he is not touted as fat burners, so much is clear. Thus, you can buy ephedrine so perfectly legal on the Internet.

You look for when buying absolutely sure that the product you selected ephedrine HCL contains not more than 8 mg per tablet, are on the safe side and can be sure that you fully legally buy ephedrine.

Buy ephedrine online

As mentioned in the previous article, you can buy ephedrine legally online. Many shops offer ephedrine HCL tablets now due to the well known 8 mg rule. Three different preparations on the market are currently available:

  • the classic: Ephedrine HCL by Kaizen with 8mg ephedrine HCL Tablet
  • Ephedrine by 4EverFit with 8mg ephedrine HCL Tablet
  • Ephedrine HCL by iHealth with 8mg ephedrine HCL Tablet

Each of these products contains the specified amount of ephedrine per Tablet and cold remedies against nasal offered as a so-called “nasal decongestant”, so. This is not surprising, since ephedrine constricts the blood vessels and so a swollen nasal mucosa swell off leaves. If you buy one of these products online, you will receive a high quality product on all cases.

Beware you should only if the provider is also serious. Enter the company or shop name in a search engine and see whether any adverse experience reports on providers are XY and you buy only in online shops, about the no negative experience reports are available. One of these stores, operating a legitimate business since 2009, is fat burner-1. There you can buy other fat burner, such as Yohimbe or ECA stacks, in addition to ephedrine HCL online.

Ephedrine buy England (UK)

England, or the UK, is the paradise for anabolic steroids users and friends of ephedrine. Although called substances fall there too under the medicines Act, but the legislator admits a certain kind of freedom users there by them generally not criminalises the possession of small amounts to the supply. The commercial trade and shopping while still allowing only pharmacies with appropriate license is, buying small quantities to meet their own needs is however completely legal in England. A good approach, as we find, as you can anyway never completely stop the black market for anabolic steroids and ephedrine and we find it in right, that everyone can enjoy his daily caffeine intoxication in the form of coke or coffee, while ephedrine to buy only with a prescription.

One would not expect so much liberalism of England. You should know as a potential buyer of ephedrine but one: assuming that the sale of ephedrine in the UK without a prescription is perfectly legal, is wrong! The sale of ephedrine fall in England under the medicines Act and only pharmacies may emit it upon the presentation of a recipe! The preparations are again an exception ephedrine HCL with a maximum of 8 mg dosage per tablet.

Ephedrine buy Holland

Holland is very liberal, which repeatedly prove the countless coffee shops in big cities. Holland is so liberal with regard to marijuana, it’s so illiberal on ephedrine. Until a few years ago came a large part of the ephedra capsules from the Netherlands, nowadays all ephedrine products are now under the prescription and no longer to buy without a prescription. Exceptions there is no up on the ephedrine products with maximum 8mg of ephedrine HCL per tablet. You can buy this nowhere, mere possession is not punishable by law. Here, it behaves much like in England. Do: Yes, buy: No.

Thus, it is also little interesting quickly to drive over the border and in the Netherlands to try to buy ephedrine for Germans. If you ask not necessarily in a gym and there get a contact, the yield will be lean. In drugstores, ephedrine is no longer to buy and also shops that specialize in bodybuilders do no ephedrine. Thus remains only the order of ephedrine in online shops, what specifically is no problem for the freedom-loving Dutch.

Ephedrine buy Turkey

Turkey is a paradise for those who order want to cover themselves with all possible medicines. Especially for bodybuilders, Turkey is very popular as here, without a prescription can buy all possible remedy specifically in the tourist stronghold. The Turkish formula Efedrin Arsan that ephedrine HCL will contain 50 mg per tablet was very popular until recently. A package contains 20 tablets, the price for German tourists is now 5-10 euro. Although, the package costs usually only 5 Turkish Lira, which equates to about 2 euros.

But recently, the prescription there is in Turkey for this preparation. Who takes it not as accurate as a pharmacist this, lets pay a risk premium of 3-8 euro. That’s only fair, we find that on the black market to pay quickly between 1 and 2 euros per tablet, which is equivalent to 20-40 euro per pack of 20 tablets. Who wants to buy in Turkey ephedrine so, should hit here as possible. Only the return journey is problematic because customs especially with Turkey holidaymakers it respects whether prescription drugs illicitly imported by Germany.

Who buy at the ephedrine on number make sure go, one should look at the range of fat burners-1 itself.

Ephedrine dosage

The optimum dosage is just as interesting as the individual areas of application for ephedrine. You can many recommendations read on the Internet, some good, and the more bad. Because ephedrine is a drug with side effects , you should rely here definitely not on any stories from the Internet, because you can not check whether the read information are also true. One of the best examples is the story of the young man of who in 1999 on a bodybuilding forum about the correct ephedrine wanted to learn metering and ended up in the hospital.

What had happened? This young man had a Ephedrine HCL formula with 25 mg per tablet in her hand. He did not know how many pills he should now take and asked in a bodybuilding Forum. He promptly got response from another user. The recommended him to take at least 300 mg, he wouldn’t notice less. The young man followed this recommendation, taking 12 tablets with each 25 mg ephedrine HCL and shortly thereafter was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack in a hospital. Actually, the person who he had advised to 300 mg ephedrine HCL said ephedra containing ephedrine by up to 10% (i.e. 30 mg).

Something can happen quickly, if you blindly believe the information in the Internet. We want to go slightly differently on the thing up and use both scientific studies and reports by experienced users.

Ephedrine dosage bodybuilding/training

Who pursues bodybuilder wants to use ephedrine as usually one of two goals: he wants to get rid of body fat to or but increase the strength and endurance before a workout. On the optimal ephedrine during a diet we come later to talk about why we want to treat the use of ephedrine to increase the strength and endurance to this point dosage. As everyone knows, ephedrine is the probably the best pre workout boosters. It increases the secretion of adrenaline and improves the interaction of brain and muscles. A power increase of up to 10% is possible by taking ephedrine before training. The dosage used is in the range from 8 to 150mg.

A very large amount of dosage, we know that, and therefore we would leave it to the better understanding and better orientation in numbers:

  • Women and beginners: 8-25mg ephedrine HCL
  • Advanced bodybuilders: 25-50mg ephedrine HCL
  • Competition-oriented bodybuilders: 50-75 mg ephedrine HCL
  • Strength athletes: 50-100 mg ephedrine HCL
  • Strength athletes before a competition: 100-150 mg ephedrine HCL

So you see that women and beginners (should) use relatively low ephedrine dosages and continue towards performance Bodybuiding, growing as the dosage. Experienced bodybuilders use before a hard workout between 50 and 75mg and here already are approaching a limit, the move risks significantly in the direction of risk and benefits. Strength athletes use often up to 150 mg of ephedrine – a dosage, which although is likely to show a strong effect in our eyes before a competition but an equally strong burden places on the entire cardiovascular system. A such high ephedrine dosage can we do not recommend, and this also strongly!

Ephedrine dosage woman

Women who use ephedrine, usually only do so as soon as possible to reduce body fat. There will also certainly be the one or the other woman which intensively trained and with the help of ephedrine next level wants to heave her training on the, but such examples are rare.The majority of the women used ephedrine, as mentioned at the beginning, only as a fat burner. And here this ingredient does an extremely good job. Again and again you read forums and question and answer portals in bodybuilding, works as well in women ephedrine. Already a such low doses of 8mg of ephedrine HCL can make a big difference. Women, for example, a 8mg ephedrine HCL Tablet by Kaizen occupy half an hour before breakfast, talk about no longer existing appetite, more energy and increased thirst.

Extrapolating along the right fat burning power of ephedrine with the calorie savings due to reduced food intake and increased calorie consumption by the increased dynamism, you will get on some hundred kilocalories. Bearing in mind that you must burn 7,000 calories or save to build a kilogram of body fat, makes really clear, what makes for a great work of ephedrine. The optimal ephedrine dosage for women looks like this after the experience:

  • Beginner: 8mg half an hour before breakfast
  • Advanced beginner: three times daily each 8mg of ephedrine HCL half an hour before a meal
  • Advanced: 8-24mg ephedrine HCL three times daily each half an hour before a meal

A single dose of maximum 24 mg ephedrine HCL should not be exceeded.

Ephedrine dosage weight loss/diet

Now the optimum ephedrine dosage for women is clear, should be informed now about the perfect dosage for men. Since men typically have a faster metabolism, more muscle mass and overall higher body weight than women, arise here some differences that should be taken into account. Generally speaking, that men who use ephedrine to lose weight, need more active ingredient than women. While the woman in the best of worlds with a dose of 8mg during a diet comes from ephedrine HCL and achieved good results, 8 mg in a man more than a cup of coffee will feel.

Men need to remove single doses of at least 24 mg. (N) can also start with a gift before the breakfast and see what happens. Beginners will obtain this already very good success. The normal dosage is respectively 24 mg three times daily during a diet. Particularly serious athletes and all those who very briefly take ephedrine (maximum of four weeks) wishing to take off quickly before a photo shoot, for example, increase the single dose in rare cases even on 50 mg ephedrine HCL, what we do not however recommend at this point. Here again the optimal dosages of ephedrine to lose weight at a glance:

  • Beginners: 24mg ephedrine HCL half an hour before breakfast
  • Normal dosage: three times daily each 24 mg ephedrine HCL before a meal
  • Maximum dosage: three times a day each 50 mg of ephedrine HCL before a meal

If you want to use ephedrine, please note the warning notices on the respective products. Do not use ephedrine for existing diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or other conditions. Can taking ideally an experienced physician monitored and can create blood regularly and check the blood pressure. Here any information about ephedrine dosages are for information only and provide no guide to taking.


Quellen für die Informationen zur optimalen Ephedrin Dosierung

  • Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 1992 Apr;16(4):269-77. The effect and safety of an ephedrine/caffeine compound compared to ephedrine, caffeine and placebo in obese subjects on an energy restricted diet. A double blind trial. Astrup A, Breum L, Toubro S, Hein P, Quaade F.
  • Obesity (Silver Spring). 2013 Oct;21(10):1991-6. doi: 10.1002/oby.20416. Epub 2013 Jun 11. The effect of leptin, caffeine/ephedrine, and their combination upon visceral fat mass and weight loss. Liu AG, Smith SR, Fujioka K, Greenway FL.
  • Exp Toxicol Pathol. 2013 Jul;65(5):549-57. doi: 10.1016/j.etp.2012.04.001. Epub 2012 Apr 28. Responses of brown adipose tissue to diet-induced obesity, exercise, dietary restriction and ephedrine treatment. Slocum N, Durrant JR, Bailey D, Yoon L, Jordan H, Barton J, Brown RH, Clifton L, Milliken T, Harrington W, Kimbrough C, Faber CA, Cariello N, Elangbam CS.

Ephedrine side effects

As pretty much any drug, ephedrine also has side effects. We distinguish here between the temporary and the long-term. Generally for ephedrine as for every other active ingredient also, that the dose makes the poison. Canada and the United States, both countries have extensively researched ephedrine, are of the opinion that ephedrine has a so low side effect potential up to a maximum of 8 mg single dosing, that they freely gave preparations with this amount in the sale. Free sales means that you get ephedrine without prescription and pharmacy duty in many drug stores and at many gas stations. The sale must be exclusively as cold preparations, since ephedrine is not approved for the reduction of body fat, but this changes neither on the effectiveness, still on the low side effect potential.

Following a collection of the best known side effects of ephedrine, according to the leaflet of “ephedrine Carino 30 mg / ml” of Carinopharm GmbH:

Frequent ephedrine side effects:

  • Confusion, concern, depression
  • Nervousness, irritability, restlessness, weakness, insomnia, headaches, sweating, anxiety
  • increased awareness of the heart beat (palpitations), high blood pressure, rapid heart beat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea, vomiting

Rare ephedrine side effects:

  • Irregular heart beat
  • Problems with urination

Other side effects (how many times this happens is not known):

  • Influence of blood coagulation
  • Allergy
  • Changes the personality or emotional or intellectual world, fear
  • Trembling, excessive salivation
  • Increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma)
  • Pain about the heart area, slow heart rate, low blood pressure and heart failure (cardiac arrest)
  • Bleeding in the brain
  • Breathing problems
  • Appetite reduction
  • Acceptance of the content of potassium in the blood, change in blood sugar levels
  • Fluid accumulation in the lungs (pulmonary edema)

When an overdose of ephedrine, it is possible that you:

  • See things or hear, that are not there (hallucinations)
  • Believe things that are not true (delusions)
  • Notice changes in your personality or your emotions or thoughts world

Admittedly, some of these side effects not good sound, but here, it should be remembered always that the manufacturer of this Präprats for liability reasons must specify all side effects ever occurred, even if they have occurred only when a person of thousand. On the other hand, it is important to understand that most of the listed side effects of only temporary, so when the Ephedrins completely disappear.

Ephedrine side effects long term

Who abused ephedrine in a long time, is exposed to the increased risk of long-term side effects. With long term an eight-week course of treatment is not meant. Not the irregular use of ephedrine before heavy workouts. With long-term abuse cases are meant rather that ephedrine is consumed daily and over periods of at least six months. This fall two long term side effects particularly in the weight: the one who on the cardiovascular system, on the other hand the on the psyche. Ephedrine increases the heart rate and blood pressure, which can eventually lead to heart failure. Increased blood pressure exerts pressure on the blood vessel walls, which can tear and burst in the worst case. In most cases, such a blood clot cause direct death.

Additionally, the mass of the heart increases in long-term use, this harder than you normally have to work can cause what in the age of heart failure. Heart failure means that the heart is no longer to able to pump sufficient blood throughout the body. The danger of a heartbeat increases this known.

A long-lasting effect that is often ridiculed, is on the psyche. Who has ever used ephedrine, will know the feeling of the panicky. You must move around, you have to do something. Anyone who has tried to read a book, in such a State will have been amazed what is ephedrine with one. Although the opinion prevails that ephedrine promotes the concentration, the opposite is the case.

By the panicky, you can concentrate much worse. In the long term this the brain chemistry messes up so, that long term users report even after the discontinuation of some sort of “Brain fog”. The thinking is more difficult, it is easily distracted and thoughts wander. This is one of the gefährlisten long term side effects that can be avoided only if it ephedrine not too long and not too high dosed takes.

Ephedrine side effects impotence

One of the side effects, affecting only the men’s impotence. Ephedrine acts known constricts and this is unfortunately also the penis. The corpora cavernosa in the penis are flooded when excited with blood, which then triggers an erection. The vasoconstrictor effect of Ephedrins causes that the corpora cavernosa can not sufficiently wide, which then causes that not enough blood in the penis and an erection is formed. A temporary impotence is the logical conclusion. Who is planning to have sex during the day should be abandoned ahead taking ephedrine.

Important to know men who is that impotence of only temporary, so goes fully back after the effects of ephedrine. How the long term consumption affects to the power, have not been studied our knowledge yet. It can however be assumed that continuous consumption of also to permanent impotence leads because of ephedrine levels in the blood at regular consumption never sufficiently and the vessels this be narrowed down in the long term.

It is also interesting in connection with impotence that many users of urinary behavior complain, so problems with urination. For doctors, this will be nothing new, since it is known that ephedrine temporarily enlarges the prostate and these squeezes the urethra so to speak so that a normal urination is no longer possible. Anyone already suffering from prostate problem, should question necessarily advance a capable urologists before taking ephedrine.

In the Switzerland, ephedrine is prescribed for urinary incontinence in dogs, by the way. A known drug in veterinary medicine, which is popular with bodybuilders, is called Caniphedrin. These are tablets with either 50 mg or 20 mg of ephedrine HCL.

Efedrin Arsan (ephedrine hydrochloride)

The Turkish medicine “Efedrin Arsan” is known as “Ephedrine Arsan”. This includes manufacturer ephedrine hydrochloride (HCL) aut 50 mg and is sold in packs for 20 tablets. Some misinformation ghosts around about this drug. This article aims to eliminate this misinformation.

The most important advance, namely the General information about Efedrin Arsan. As mentioned at the beginning, each tablet according to the manufacturer “Husnu Arsan Drug” contains exactly 50 mg ephedrine hydrochloride. A pack contains 20 tablets. The price is in the Turkish pharmacy about 5 Turkish Lira, what’s coming in about 2 euro. An absolute misinformation is that there is no prescription to buy Efedrin Arsan in the Turkish pharmacy. Efedrin Arsan is subject to in Turkey of the prescription. In a tourist stronghold such as side and Alanya’s can happen however, that happens on special pharmacies, openly advertises to bodybuilders as customers.
Such pharmacies have hang usually bodybuilding-poster and poster in the window and in such pharmacies you can relatively be sure that it gets Efedrin Arsan without prescription. The problem: the pharmacist know that they violate laws and let pay the press to an eye well.Efedrin Arsan is available in most pharmacies at prices between 5 and 10 euro current reportedly (summer 2013) so the two to five times sum of the normal price.

It is however caution: specifically, the pharmacies which cater to bodybuilders as customers, often sell fakes! Who’d like to play it safe, should buy a pack with 20 tablets and test locally. It’s original Efedrin Arsan, even more can be bought in the course of the holiday.Efedrin Arsan dosage

The dosage per tablet is located, as earlier mentioned, at 50mg ephedrine hydrochloride per tablet. So, it is at least specified Husnu Arsan drug manufacturer. Thus, we would be reached after the alleged Rezeptfreiheit at the second myth. Traditionally bodybuilders report mixed results when using Efedrin Arsan. The majority of the user speaks of a low impact, some report even from no effect at all.No matter what bodybuilding forum you visited on this topic and the postings are no matter how old, this myth is up-to-date for years.

Fact is, that experienced bodybuilders, who know about the effects of ephedrine and know how 50mg have to be pure ephedrine hydrochloride, closed a low impact. It is the hand of many of these users with security use fakes because to earn much money with forgeries. But what about the people who brought out the holiday Efedrin Arsan? Use these also fakes? So sad it sounds, but, Yes, even in Turkish pharmacies sold fake Efedrin. Nevertheless, the bland taste remains that hardly a user reported good results with Efedrin Arsan.

Someone must have used up an original product. This will certainly be the case, but the results are still mixed. Experts assume that all Efedrin Arsan tablets are under dosed. The low price and the well-known fact that the main buyers of this product just are bodybuilders, suggests that factory under dosing, where this is no more than a guess. To date no independent analysis of Efedrin Arsan are known.

Efedrin Arsan price

The price of a pack of Efedrin Arsan with 20 tablets is located, as mentioned earlier, at about 5 Turkish Lira, which is converted into about 2 euro. This is the price paid by a Turk in the Turkish pharmacy. As field of application, the Turkish drug side IlacTR are asthma and diseases of the upper respiratory tract (comparable to the German Red list). The ATC code of Efedrin Arsan is R03CA02, the bar code 8699570010018. The price for a German is in the Turkish pharmacy at approximately 5-10 euros, what together is the fact that Efedrin Arsan may no longer be dispensed without a prescription.
A pharmacist does this then he is knowingly against the law. And that makes good pay this, what is only fair in our eyes. The price per tablet at just 0.50 euro, which stands in stark contrast to the prices you must pay on the black market in this country is even at a package price of 10 euro. This is currently (2013) which moves between 1 and 2 euros per tablet. Who buys Efedrin Arsan on the black market, should however always be aware in clear, that he buys a fake under circumstances, which may contain none or only a small amount of active ingredient.

Efedrin Arsan effect

The effects of Efedrin Arsan is basically no different than that of any other drug with ephedrine hydrochloride. The main effects include appetite suppression, increased Thermogenesis and increased energy level, impacting on the force – (anaerobic), as well as on endurance performance (aerobic). The only difference from Efedrin Arsan to other drugs is probably the last section called the possible lower dosage ephedrine hydrochloride. It is known in the scene that a Tablet not nearly Efedrin Arsan with supposedly 50 mg ephedrine hydrochloride has a good effect like a tablet of the Spanish brand product efedrina level that contains also 50 mg ephedrine hydrochloride according to manufacturer per tablet.

For this reason experienced bodybuilder treat the Efedrin Arsan tablets rather as only half the active ingredient, namely 25 mg, would be included. Strength athletes and bodybuilders use so often for a strong effect before a heavy workout two tablets Efedrin Arsan and feel that the effect of 50 mg ephedrine HCL of a comparable product. What most bodybuilders yet again to Efedrin Arsan access, is the good availability on the black market and the relatively low price. There, the effect is rather secondary most.


Efedrin Arsan side effects

The side effects that occur when taking Efedrin Arsan, are usual for the active ingredient ephedrine hydrochloride. Tremor, restlessness, increased sweating, shortness of breath, insomnia include in later use, increase in blood pressure, dry mouth, increased urination and in rare cases confusional. Since most show up side effects of Efedrin Arsan in the area of the heart cycle, people may have the heart problems of any kind, do not use Efedrin Arsan. The same applies to people who suffer from diabetes, increased intraocular pressure, and mental disorders.

As a general rule that Efedrin Arsan generally not may be used due to the known side effects of people, suffering from any disease. Even supposedly healthy users should leave before and while you are taking medical monitor. As ideal regular blood pressure measurements and blood value provisions, have turned out specifically in the kidneys and liver. As Efedrin Arsan is degraded via the kidneys and the liver, any side effects can show is also in these areas, what most users do not even know.

Most side effects of Efedrin Arsan using can be due to a moderate dosage and prevent not to long periods of income. To avoid long-term side effects, Efedrin Arsan should be never higher than 100 mg per day and never for more than four weeks at a time taken.

Efedrin Arsan testimonials

In the Internet, read countless essays about Efedrin Arsan. Now follow some extracts. It is important to understand that it is subjective experience reports, which are not scientifically substantiated. All reports have been corrected for an optimal reading pleasure in spelling and grammar, however pure the exact wording.

“Efedrin Arsan is the last crap! Have inserted a tablet before today’s workout and noticed nothing – nothing! Even some anxiety, not a faster pulse, even nothing! Have sold the tablets from my dealer, which I otherwise only good stuff. I am grossly disappointed!” User “Zilli” by

“Got me from holiday Efedrin Arsan ten packs. Each pack cost me 3 euros, which is a good price. In our city, I usually pay per pack 10 euro and more. The quality I am anything but impressed. Now used a pack and felt little impact. I feel more of a cup of coffee! It is a pity that even pharmacies sell fakes apparently! User “KaiGreeneMünster” by

“Me on the Internet various testimonials to Efedrin Arsan read and was skeptical. It may be that official pharmacy goods are under dosed!I then bought three boxes on a last holiday in Alanya and tried at home. And in fact, a small effect, but not so strong as the specified 50 mg ephedrine HCL. I have been experience with Kaizen ephedrine 8mg, efedrina level collected 50mg and Vencipon N 12, 5mg and have to say that Efedrin Arsan is comparatively weakly dosed! Never again”user”Dirtyharry84″ by

So you can see, there are more than enough reviews to Efedrin Arsan, most are not positive.

Buy Efedrin Arsan

If you want to buy Efedrin Arsan, you have three options. Either buy directly on-site in a Turkish pharmacy or can bring a few packets of someone from your acquaintances – or circle of friends when they are on holiday in Turkey. The black market represents the second possibility. The most dealer of anabolic steroids have also Efedrin Arsan in the offer, since ephedrine HCL is generally a very popular ingredient in bodybuilders. The third way is to order Efedrin Arsan shop online in any anabolic steroids.

Especially when last variant, but caution is attached. A new scam can create scam of online stores that offer the best drugs for less money. All of course require payment in advance and once you have transferred the money, see and hear nothing more from this shop.Be sure to order shop anabolic steroids in one, read previously please at least the reviews on the Internet. Use search queries like “name of the shop + fake” or “name of the shop + fake” or “name of the shop + experiences” (E.g. “shop XY experiences”). It is also advisable to research the largest German forum for fraud victims. Here the direct link.

What is ephedrine?

Ephedrine is an alkaloid that occurs mainly in the ephedra genus. It belongs to the Group of so-called phenyl ethyl amine alkaloids, so chemical compounds that are derived from the active ingredient phenylethylamine . However, it is interesting for bodybuilders that ephedrine also as marketed acts, as beta marketed, to be exact. As such, it widens the bronchi, which the user has the feeling to get better air. In medicine ephedrine is used as asthma medication, but only as a second-choice drug, because the related clenbuterol specific acts and the impact / side effect potential is regarded here as optimal.

The desbutyl properties of ephedrine are manifested also in the stimulating effect on the sympathetic nervous system, a part of the autonomic nervous system, which leads to an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure, an extension of the respiratory system, an increase in body temperature, as well as a performance enhancement, both aerobic and anaerobic. Bodybuilders will appreciate most of these effects and use ephedrine therefore firstly as a fat burner, on the other hand as pre workout boosters. As fat burners, as well as pre workout boosters, ephedrine earned his spurs in the last two decades and is considered the drug of choice in both application areas.

Ephedrine is discovered for the first time in the 80s, today even as the strongest known fat burner in isolated form and strongest pre workout boosters. There are now while countless supplements on the market, which are advertised as ephedrine substitutes, but it is again evident that not a single supplement has been even remotely approached the superior effect of Ephedrins.

What is ephedrine HCL?

Ephedrine is, as mentioned at the beginning, an alkaloid from the genus of the ephedra plant. An alkaloid is an isolated, alkaline substance from plants in accordance with the definition of the chemist Carl Friedrich Meissner dating back to 1819. As a such alkaline alkaloid, ephedrine is not too resistant to stomach acid, so this isolated intake just in the stomach would be destroyed and could not work.To be, this issue of pharmaceutical companies have taken then, the ephedrine the hydrochloride (short form: HCL), a salt of organic bases of hydrochloric acid, to attach. And ephedrine hydrochloride and ephedrine HCL became ephedrine then in the short form. If bodybuilders in appropriate forums so write ephedrine, then my actually ephedrine HCL.
Here, a completely different matter is the ephedra, which is often confused by many with ephedrine. You do this in the next section. It is also interesting that all scientific studies so far only with ephedrine HCL were never made with ephedrine in isolated form. This shows that the active ingredient without attached HCL to oral intake is useless. The same is true also for ephedrine injections. Although the ephedrine must pass the stomach after an injection, but because the blood also, depending on the type of diet, can exhibit an acid pH, the risk of destruction of the active substance would be too high, so that here too, ephedrine HCL is used. Injections are used exclusively in emergency medicine at strongly decreasing blood pressure ephedrine.

For ephedrine HCL 18% of the total weight accounts for around on the hydrochloride, leaving 82% of pure ephedrine alkaloids. This means a real ephedrine content of CA. 20, 5 mg in a Tablet 25 mg ephedrine HCL.

What is better – ephedrine or ephedra?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the bodybuilding forums. A clear answer there is no, because both ephedrine and ephedra have unique properties. Ephedrine is the insulated main alkaloid from the ephedra plant. Taking an ephedrine tablet, then you know exactly on mg how much ephedrine is is included. At ephedra you don’t know that because the alkaloid content here may vary depending on the variety, cultivation and harvest time. Would you take a certain amount of ephedrine, then this is in isolated form certainly preferable.

Ephedrine is compared with the ephedra also preferable, if the duration should be limited. We know this a half-life has hours of 3-6, which means that, after this period, half of the active substance is degraded and greatly diminishes the effect from ephedrine. Because the ephedrine in ephedra on phytochemicals is bound, this is not quite so quickly released in the body. This means firstly that the “kick” is not quite as fast at ephedra, for it but more than when isolated ephedrine will remain. If you need a quick fix is intended to be temporary, used ephedrine HCL. If you would rather prefer a slowly building and especially longer-lasting effect, used ephedra.

However, this is not the only point that is decisive for bodybuilders. Ephedra contains two more varieties of ephedrine, namely the pseudoephedrine and norpseudoephedrine in addition to the main alkaloid ephedrine. Both alkaloids similar to resemble ephedrine – they increase fat burning, have however reduced side effects. Who focuses on fast fat burning, will find the better allies in ephedra.

What’s better than ephedrine?

When the ban on the sale of ephedra was made in 2003 in the United States, the supplement companies panicked. ECA stack with ephedrine were the best seller since the mid of 90’s, entire companies built their success on fat burner with ephedrine. Suddenly, their livelihood was from most companies however. While some companies accepted the decline and are slowly adopted, few nevertheless were willing to fight. A replacement for ephedrine had produced as soon as possible. The active ingredient, regarded as the ultimate for a scant decade, was suddenly bad talk. Ephedrine would be dangerous, the effect is not so good. Ephedrine substitutes such as citrus aurantium and Synephrine are much safer, effective, and even completely better.

But then as now was the fact – there is no active ingredient, which is better than ephedrine! No matter how sophisticated the respective marketing strategy, ephedrine is and remains the benchmark measure to other fat burners and pre workout boosters! So-called ephedrine substitutes were born out of necessity and have proven in scientific studies, nor in practical user experiences as better than ephedrine proved. Only that which works and for the sales of the pharmaceutical industry means a threat is prohibited. And ephedrine was and is a danger, because it is proven effective and safe, as any slimming pill offered by the pharmaceutical industry. Can therefore bind to a bear, if supplement manufacturers XY be product as better than ephedrine offers.

It’s like you would you believe that a regional competitive bodybuilders is better than a reigning Mr. Olympia!

What is the best ephedrine?

The question is difficult to answer the best ephedrine. Ultimately is ephedrine is ephedrine. You can assume that at least in the pharmaceutical industry no ephedrine product differs from the other, must adhere to certain standards, each manufacturer and comply with the quantity indicated on the label per tablet. The problem, however, is that there are black sheep in the sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically in third-world countries the given and the real amount of the active ingredient vary like once. In the various bodybuilding forums was repeatedly reported, tablets from Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey ephedrine not so well resemble similar products from the EU.

You can guess just what is the reason, but it is assumed that these countries don’t have access to the best and purest ingredients and also do not have the necessary equipment, to the same dose all tablets. Evil tongues even go so far and claim that some manufacturers anyway that hiking their products for the most part on the black market and they then therefore deliberately under dosing them is clear.Only rumors are but, as I said, that. No rumors, however, are the testimonials tens hundreds users clearly assert that there are clear differences in quality between the individual countries and producers.

Listen to these testimonials, then call the Spanish efedrina level with 50 mg ephedrine HCL per Tablet and the Swiss CPR Ephedrinii hydrochloride with also 50 mg of ephedrine HCL per tablet as the best ephedrine.

What is the difference between ephedrine and pseudoephedrine?

Generally ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are quite similar. Both drugs belong to the so called phenyl ethyl amines and occur both in the genus of the ephedra plant. This is also one of the main reasons why ephedra better fat burning effect as isolated ephedrine alone. While ephedrine acts up to 6 times stronger than pseudoephedrine, that the side effects but also to some seem weaker to fail. Users report therefore unanimously by a lower fat burning compared with ephedrine. Is the 6 x amount of pseudoephedrine is however captured, then the thing looks just very different, because in this dosage, pseudoephedrine shows his true fat burning potential. What is striking here is that the side effects this be much milder than with ephedrine. You will feel less bright and much more balanced.

The half-life of pseudoephedrine is located at approximately 9-16 hours, looks so much longer than the ephedrine, which has a half-life of only 3-6 hours. Following the popular bodybuilding forums, then is obvious however, that actually nobody used pseudoephedrine. The reason for this could be to find that no pure Mono medicines with pseudoephedrine market is in Germany, but exists only in combination with other, unusable for the purposes of the fat-burning ingredients. Such a combined preparation would be, for example, Rhinopront.

Better it got the Swiss, because these with Otrinol and Rinoral two mono preparations in the pharmacy find. Because pseudoephedrine in many cold medicines, it was 2002 removed from the doping list of the international of Olympic Committee (IOC), since 2010 is the world again on the doping list anti doping Agency (WADA). Other differences between ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are not available.

What is ephedrine Hemisulfat?

Ephedrine Hemisulfat is a single ephedrine alkaloid, was added to the better absorption in the body Hemisulfat. This is comparable with ephedrine HCL, where salt was also added to the ephedrine with the hydrochloride (HCL), which is designed to increase the bio-availability. The big difference between ephedrine HCL and ephedrine Hemisulfat lies in the actual concentration of ephedrine. Because while ephedrine HCL 82% ephedrine alkaloids containing the ephedrine Hemisulfat contains only 77% ephedrine alkaloids. At one tablet 25 mg ephedrine Hemisulfat means so a pure ephedrine content of 19, 25mg (in a direct comparison with ephedrine HCL, 20, 5 mg ephedrine containing alkaloids).

In Germany, the ephedrine Hemisulfat comes primarily used in cold medications. A prominent example would be Wick MediNait, containing 8 mg ephedrine Hemisulfat per 30mg syrup. The half-life of ephedrine Hemisulfat is 3-6 hours, which is basically not of interest, as there is to buy no Mono preparation containing an active substance. It exists only as a combined preparation in cold remedies.

A revenue makes no sense for the purpose of increased fat burning, as also contained active ingredients, such as for example acetaminophen, long-term taking serious side effects may result. The ephedrine Hemisulfat has also no advantage in direct comparison with ephedrine HCL so that bodybuilders tend to the available not only better, but at the same time also more dosage ephedrine HCL access.

What is ephedrine Arsan?

Ephedrine Arsan is an ephedrine product by the Turkish pharmaceutical manufacturers Arsan. A package contains 20 tablets, to contain according to manufacturer specifications ephedrine HCL 50 mg each tablet. The price is approx. 2 EUR in the Turkish pharmacy, the black is 10 euro per package and above.

Contrary to the general opinion, prescription is certainly for ephedrine Arsan in Turkey. On the Internet the misinformation ghosts around unfortunately again in this respect. We have requested extra from the manufacturing company and the prescription is definitely a fact. But the fact is that many pharmacists, especially in the tourist areas in this regard likes to turn a blind eye, if the price is right. If one goes, you pay not the original price of the pharmacy with the setting in the pharmacy, but often three to five times, then can one quite with the pharmacist in negotiations.
Then only the importation becomes problematic for Germany, because in this country, the prescription is valid and the customs at the airport can be unanagenehm if one is caught smuggling of ephedrine tablets. But also the order of ephedrine Arsan in the Internet is to recommend anything else because many shops now specialize the fraud with anabolic steroids and related substances. Before a purchase order should find out on all cases by means of fraud forums and discussion forums, whether it’s a reputable shop. Taking anabolic steroids shop and serious to exclude from the outset directly.

Order ephedrine without prescription

Unfortunately, it is nowadays so that you can no longer simply buy ephedrine in the pharmacy. Some changes in the medicinal products act resulted in 2003 that ephedrine, at least in Germany, since then only on prescription is available. What alternative is there left? In today’s Internet age, the answer is obvious is: ephedrine order!

Fortunately, ephedrine does not in each country of the prescription is subject to. In Canada and the United States, preparations, the ephedrine HCL are contained in a dosage maximum 8 mg per tablet, namely over the counter for sale. However, you may not offered appropriate products as a fat burner but only as a nasal decongestant (so cold remedies for stuffy nose). The effectiveness, this does not of course. Some Canadian and American shops offer since shipping some ephedrine products with maximum 8 mg per tablet. One of these mailings, in which ephedrine purchase time easily can, fat burners-1.
Fat burners-1 delivers 2009 different ephedrine preparations and ECA stacks over the counter to customers all over the world from. This shop of increasingly popular enjoys with a delivery rate of over 95%. We at ephedrine shop there for several years and have been always very satisfied and can only recommend the online shop.

Distance should be taken by other online shops, offered to order ephedrine without prescription. The reason: Many Internet nerds know now, to make that much money with ephedrine and made several so-called fake shops on the net. Fake stores are online shops that accept money and then not deliver. Before you at an online store order ephedrine, consult please independently on different platforms, whether it is a reputable shop or a fake shop.

Often we are asked whether the ephedrine order is legal. Basically it seems that you need a prescription from a physician in Germany to buy ephedrine. However, since ephedrine without prescription to refer is in a few countries, an import for personal use in quantities of maximum 8mg per tablet, by the legislator will be tolerated. First when ordering large quantities of ephedrine, that closed on trade, the Government, intervenes. You don’t know how high are these quantities in detail, but common sense should provide here the answer: the dosage recommended to burn fat is 3 x daily each 25 mg. You extrapolate this to one month, we reach 2. 250mg, so about 280 tablets with each 8mg of ephedrine HCL.

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